Taking Great Care of My Factory

Taking Great Care of My Factory

  • Building A Personal Hanger? Some Safety Equipment You Need To Include

    If you are in the process of building your own personal hanger for your small aircraft, there is some safety equipment that you are going to want to make sure that you include in your hanger. This safety equipment will protect you and anyone else who ever does work in your hanger. Eye Wash Stations When working on an aircraft, there are a variety of fluids that one could come into contact with that one does not want to get into one's eyes.

  • Wire Mesh Easter Baskets: Making Mesh Fun!

    Wire mesh is an awesome material for so much more than what it's been created for. A little creativity and a few additional supplies and you can create some beautiful lighted Easter baskets to display in your yard this upcoming holiday. Here's how to do just that. Supply List Wire Mesh Tin Snips Needle-nose Pliers Ruler or Measuring Tape Sharpie Work Gloves Zip Ties Scissors Decorations Strings of Lights The following instructions are for creating a basket that measures 12x12x6 inches: 12"

  • Things You Should Know About Having Items Custom Fabricated

    Using a metal fabrication service can be a highly effective option for when you are needing to have items custom made. While this can provide you with both an economical and durable option, it may be possible to make mistakes that could lead to unnecessary difficulties for you when using these services. How Will The Metal Be Cut? The way that the metal is cut will be an important consideration for many projects.

  • Preventing Damage from Skateboarders on Powder-Coated Stairway Hand Rails

    A very common cause of chips and scratches in powder coating on stairway hand rails is the bottom of a skateboard, as the user tries to slide or grind down the rail. Cities have been trying for decades to stop this damage, including opening city-run skateparks so skateboarders could go somewhere else to skate. But that hasn't stopped many skaters, especially those in towns without skateparks nearby, from using hand rails as skate props.

  • A Home Foundation That Sits On Unstable Soil

    Unstable soil is one of the things that can cause a substantial amount of damage to your house. If the soil shifts and isn't solid enough to support the structure, you can actually end up losing your house altogether. Basically, the unstable soil can cause the foundation to your house to become uneven, which can effect walls, windows, doors, and the roof. The walls and roof can collapse if you don't hire a professional to stabilize the soil.

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    Taking Great Care of My Factory

    After spending a few years getting my business off the ground, I knew that I had to do something to make things right in our manufacturing department. It seemed like we were never able to keep up with demand, and I could tell that we needed to sort out some safety issues. As a team, we started working together to overcome our challenges, and it made a tremendous difference. I was really impressed with how much everyone was able to come together, and it really helped us to create a more profitable company. Check out this blog for more information.